Protect yourself and your loved ones from bad business practices!

  1. Make sure all the vehicles used by the school are equipped with a foot operated dual brake mounted on the instructor's side. If the instructor instead relies on the vehicle parking brake, refuse to allow your son or daughter to be put at risk in that vehicle. The parking brake (emergency brake) cannot adequately or safely take the place of an instructor's dual brake. To teach without a proper dual brake is a tragedy waiting to happen.
  2. Make sure that only propery insured vehicels are used in student training. Ask to see the vehicle registration and insurance card for each vehicle used in order to make sure the vehicle is registered and insured in the driving school's full name. If the registration and or insurance card are in a person's name and not in a legal business name, the insurance is invalid and will not protect the driver or passengers.
  3. Insist on individual In-Car Driver training. In-Car training with more than one trainee at a time means:
    • Each student is put at unnecessary risk in the back seat while a novice driver is behind the wheel.
    • When a student is behind the wheel, he or she is distracted and made more nervous because of the additional observers. Also the instructor is distracted when he tries to comment to or involve the back seat observers.
    • Each student receives less critically important behind-the-wheel time and is told that back seat time is as good as behind-the-wheel time. This practice cheats the student but means more profit for the school owner.
    • When the instructor is late, which happens often we are told, everyone is kept waiting.
  4. Make sure the school uses and will show you a written behind-the-wheel progress report showing your student's training lesson by lesson. This training must not be largely done on a parking lot with traffic cones or at the parking barrels. This training must be done primarily on streets and highways giving real life experience.